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Hi Pat! so enjoy your work and would love to add another piece to my collection! I am so fortunate to have the portrait you did of Kenai and the family home! Can I be added to your mailing list if you have one? Thanks so much! Rose Laughlin
-- Rose Laughlin, 11/11/23

LOVE your painting Walter, just for fun. In honesty, I love many of your pieces.
-- Jerry Finn, 7/12/21

Nice website. Hope you're doing well.
-- Juanita Hagberg, 8/2/20

Hi Pat, Hope you are doing well. Nice work.
-- Juanita Hagberg, 8/2/20

Beautiful artwork. Some of my favorites are “Reflections: Out on a limb,” “Options,” “Curious,” and the Journey through Alzheimer’s series.
-- Diana , 11/14/18

Congratulations on the award for options. Loved looking through the whole site!
-- Karen, 2/8/17

Patty, very touched by the Journey through Alzheimer"s series. So real.
-- Jerry Kurth, 2/18/16

Just going through some of my links and found I still had yours . Enjoyed the tour. If I ever have the chance to visit again would love to see some of work up close. Later Paul
-- Vincent Paul Morgan, 11/11/15

Hi Pat! It's been a long time. I absolutely love your recent work. It speaks to my soul. Let's connect. I have new work too I'd like to share with you.
-- Tina Marohn, 1/22/12

Pat, Lovely work. Carol told me about your website, I am glad she shared it with me. Rose
-- Rose Dus, 3/10/11

I do so love CRIPPLED CROW. The sensitivity and balanced compostition touch me deeply. Inspiring! Blessings, Tricia
-- Tricia Gray, 2/6/11

Love your inspirational Home Page! Great collection!
-- Diane Stolarski, 1/18/11

Hi Pat! Beautiful work! Thank you for sharing!
-- Brooke Jurkowski, 1/9/11

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