My Favorite Artists

Sydney Grace has studied the arts for about 9 years now, primarily self-taught.  Her medium of choice varies, yet most recently she seems to be focusing on acrylics and mixed media (what a surprise!).  Not only is she talented in 2D art, she's also expanded into wearable arts (sewing, crochet, beading, etc.)   

Deciding the Canvas
Serious Work
Serious work in the Studio
Adelaide jumped into art also at an early age, working now for about 7 years and is very deliberate in her approach.   Her observation skills are keen and her drawings are finely detailed and beautiful.  She also enjoys working with a variety of media. 

She works in both large and small format.

Eleanor Joy shares her joy in her colorful work.  Her specialty is rainbows - large, small, watercolor, crayon, pencil and paint.  She also shares her sister's love of birds.

Recently, I accepted commissions from the girls for specific artwork to hang in their rooms.  

Scarlet Macaw
Zoe at sea

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